Monday, November 1, 2010

Arizona UPA Observes World Usability Day - Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sponsored by the Apollo Group’s User Experience Team

The User Experience Team at Apollo Group will host AZUPA’s World Usability Day Event.
The Arizona chapter of Usability Professionals’ Association (AZUPA) is proud to bring you an exciting, jam-packed meeting highlighting this year’s theme—Communication: How products and services impact communication.

We are fortunate to have a cross-section of industries represented by our featured speakers who will talk about the challenges of global corporate communication, the future of game mechanics and keeping users interested and involved, and enhancing online learning environments with social networking.

Not currently a member of the UPA? No problem - non-members are invited to attend our event. Also, you will have the opportunity to join the UPA at a discounted WUD 2010 rate. Details about this membership discount promotion will be provided at the meeting. 

RSVP now and join us for the event!


6:00  p.m. – Social Mixer*
(light appetizers and beverages will be served)

6:30 p.m.– Presentation 1
p.m. – Presentation 2
7:45 p.m. – Demonstration
8:00 p.m. – Q&A
8:30 p.m. – Adjourn

*Note: Light appetizers and beverages will be served thanks to our gracious hosts. Please respond as soon as possible so that AZUPA and our hosts can accommodate the appropriate number of attendees.

Apollo User Experience Labs – 2nd Floor
1620 South Stapley Drive
Mesa AZ 85204 

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Presentation 1: Our Dilemma: Communicating to a Global Audience in Remote Locations with Limited Connectivity

Linda Hayes and Ruthanne Gilbert of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. will co-present on the challenges of global corporate communication.

Having a company intranet doesn’t mean your employee communication issues are solved. With a global audience that spans from the jungles of Indonesia to the Katanga Provence of the Democratic Republic of Congo to downtown Phoenix and many points in between, employee communications not only have to be creative in message but also in method. This is a continuous balancing act between “perfect world/ideal solutions” and “real world/business reality.” We’ll talk honestly about how our relationship with technology has both helped and hindered our communication efforts.

About the Speakers:

Linda Hayes, Director – Internal Communications

Linda has been with the company for 23 years in various roles, including Logistics, Benefits, Human Resources Communications and most recently Internal Communications. This experience gives her the institutional knowledge needed to navigate a global organization with more than 30,000 employees. She has a B.S. degree in Business Management, with emphasis in Human Resources from Arizona State University.

Ruthanne Gilbert, Manager– Print and Electronic Communications

Ruthanne has been with the company for seven years, all within the corporate communications department. She spent more than 12 years working as a valley newspaper journalist and came to the company from Rural/Metro Fire Department where she served as Public Information Officer/Public Affairs Manager for close to five years. She has a B.S. degree in Journalism from Arizona State University.

Presentation 2: Using Game Mechanics to Increase User Communication, Interaction and Loyalty

Jen Walsh and Scott McAndrew from Terralever will co-present on the future of game mechanics and keeping users interested and involved.

Being on the web isn’t just about providing great content anymore. With the huge social media movement, we’ve seen more and more sites allowing users to communicate with each other through social interactions and sharing. As we move though these evolving iterations and advances, we’re seeing an increased need to provide more.

About the Speakers:

Jen Walsh, User Experience Architect
Jen has been at Terralever since 2004 and leads the user experience planning process. As a user experience architect, Jen focuses on combining the project stakeholder's marketing, branding and business goals with usability, information architecture and interaction design industry standards, ensuring that the client's objectives are met and the end user's expectations are surpassed. She has provided her expertise to companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Hat Club and Red Bull.

Scott McAndrew, Director of Strategy
As Director of Strategy, Scott’s years of experience working with top brands across various industries is very apparent—he’s passionate about digital marketing and his incredible depth of knowledge proves it. Scott’s 20-year career encompasses the fundamentals of design, marketing and technology. He and his team oversee all upfront strategy and ongoing online marketing for clients, delivering results through both time-tested and innovative solutions.

Demonstration: Enhancing Online Learning Environments with Social Networking

Songmei Han from Apollo Group’s User Experience Team will demonstrate two tools that have recently launch for the University of Phoenix and will speak about how these tools enhance online learning environments with social networking.

The University of Phoenix added two modules (PhoenixConnect and Chat) to its online learning environment to facilitate communication among its students and faculty members.

PhoenixConnect is a private, academic-focused social network serve the University of Phoenix community.

Chat is an instant messaging tool that allows students and faculty members to communicate in real time in the online learning environment.

About the Speaker:

Songmei Han, Ph.D., User Experience Researcher - Product Management & User Experience

About World Usability Day

“World Usability Day was founded in 2005 as an initiative of the Usability Professionals' Association to ensure that services and products important to human life are easier to access and simpler to use. Each year, on the second Thursday of November, over 200 events are organized in over 43 countries around the world to raise awareness for the general public, and train professionals in the tools and issues central to good usability research, development and practice.”

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. is the world's largest publicly traded copper company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The Company has a dynamic portfolio of operating, expansion and growth projects in the copper industry and is the world’s largest producer of molybdenum. The company’s portfolio of assets includes the Grasberg mining complex, the world’s largest copper and gold mine in terms of recoverable reserves, significant mining operations in the Americas, including the large- scale Morenci and Safford minerals districts in North America and the Cerro Verde and El Abra operations in South America, and the Tenke Fungurume minerals district in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Company has more than 30,000 employees worldwide. It can trace its roots back to 1834 with the founding of Phelps Dodge, which became part of Freeport-McMoRan in 2007.

Terralever was founded in 2002 on the philosophy that online
initiatives, based on strategy and executed flawlessly, result in
big returns—for brand growth and boosting the bottom line.

We begin by developing a tailored strategy to help set brands apart so they can achieve their short and long-term goals.
Terralever leverages our domain expertise to map out a path
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Apollo Group, Inc. was founded in 1973 in response to a gradual shift in higher education demographics from a student population dominated by youth to one in which approximately half the students are adults and over 80 percent of whom work full-time. Apollo's founder, John Sperling, believed -- and events proved him right -- that lifelong employment with a single employer would be replaced by lifelong learning and employment with a variety of employers. Lifelong learning requires an institution dedicated solely to the education of working adults.

Today, Apollo Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, University of Phoenix, Apollo Global, College for Financial Planning, Institute for Professional Development, and Meritus University, has established itself as a leading provider of higher education programs for working adults by focusing on servicing the needs of the working adult.