Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Apple App Store & Usability

The Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Lab has released, "Apple's Apps Store Success Builds on Speed, Usability, Content and Flat-Rate Data Pricing," which evaluates the usability of the recently launched Apple Apps Store, and provides insight into which applications most attract users.

Purchasing and downloading an application using the iPhone App Store is a straightforward 3-click process (excluding password entry). As a result, all participants in this evaluation exhibited high levels of satisfaction, since they were able to successfully locate and download an application.

"By making the purchase, download and installation process as simple as 3 clicks (excluding password entry), Apple's unparalleled interface rewards those who explore Apple Apps with a successful transaction," commented Paul Brown, Senior User Experience Research Analyst at Strategy Analytics. "This reinforces confidence and promotes further exploration, discovery and sales."

Kevin Nolan, Vice President at Strategy Analytics added, "By giving away relevant, useful applications for free, Apple reassures users that the Apps Store is worth exploring for useful, quality content."

Via BusinessWire