Monday, August 27, 2007

AZ UPA Leadership Roles

This week, I will be working on developing a short list of leadership roles for the AZ UPA. The UPA Association Office needs us to have a fairly formal hierarchy of an initial chapter council. The chapter council consists of:


A couple of you have expressed an interest in a leadership role and I will call on you for that to get started. Don't worry, I think we have enough people to have leadership roles to go around. Once we're up and running, I'd like to also create, in addition to those roles above, the following leaders as well:

Membership director
Education director
Special projects director

In any event, if you have not already told me so, please let me know if you would be interested in a leadership role for our chapter and I'll be in touch with you shortly..

Thank you in advance.

1 comment:

Sameera said...

Hello Chris,

I would like to volunteer for the Vice President role, if it has not been assigned yet.

Thank you,