Thursday, September 6, 2007

Questions For The Group

I have questions for you:

What do you want to achieve through your involvement in the Arizona Chapter of the UPA?

In other words, what areas of focus, topics or information would you like to see or learn more about and/or what kind of experience (hey, there's a buzzword) are you hoping to achieve with your participation?

Let me know via email or post a comment on the blog. I'd like to get a barometer for what your expectations are.

I'll provide a summary of the feedback I receive so you can see what others are hoping to get out of this chapter.

Thanks again. Talk to you soon.


Todd said...

Here are a few topics that come to mind:
1. Service Design
2. Human Factors beyond the HCI
3. Case Studies, especially those that show tangible cost benefit

Theo Mandel, Ph.D. said...

My goals for UPA Phoenix:
1) Networking with colleagues
2) Presenting and Sharing of ideas, projects, etc.