Friday, November 14, 2008

Success at World Usability Day in Phoenix

Thanks to everyone who came to the World Usability Day in Phoenix last night.  Last night's event was the fourth annual global event to create awareness for usability. 

It was a great time to meet new people and network with those in our industry.  As we progress with AZ UPA chapter formation (more on that in future emails/posts), we'll likely see each other again!

Special thanks to go out to our hosts, the Art Institute of Phoenix, our guest speakers, companies that donated gifts for our raffle and Theo Mandel from Interface Design and Development for organizing another WUD event.  

We also want to thank Hillary Foose of Metro Light Rail who graciously gave a keynote for us that related transportation to usability and provided us with details on Metro Light Rail and what we can expect to see in the coming months. 

Again, a great event and thanks to all who attended.  

PS:  Be sure to tell your colleagues about Arizona UPA and to have them sign up on this site for updates or to join.  There is knowledge, strength and great networking in numbers!

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